Optimizing your Organization with Mission-Critical ERP

Successful manufacturing today hinges on reacting quickly to changes in market trends by accessing information for business-critical decisions. Because of this, never before has ERP been more mission critical for manufacturers.

Implementing an ERP system has a ripple effect which spreads throughout an organization—layer upon layer, impact upon impact. Many customers approach us looking for a simple integrated business solution, but how many organizations really understand what is possible with an ERP system and how to go about selecting an ERP system that will evolve to meet the changing demands of their business and industry? Consider the following:

Needs vs. technology

The easiest step is to select software that fulfills and solves the challenges you have. Choose something that easily fits into your organizational structures and processes. When considering ERP, the decision-making process should be driven by business needs, rather than the technology requirements. Just ask European engineering and fabrication specialist MetalTech.

People integration

Once the business requirements of the solution have been decided, closer consideration must be paid to the people who will be doing the implementation. Far too often companies make a decision based purely on technology and don’t consider the cultural fit between the software vendor and itself. No one knows this better than California based electronics company, Parallax. Read their case study and see why they chose SYSPRO.

Systems integration

The approach should be how best the software can add value to your business and how to implement it without constraining your operations – this includes the challenge of any existing systems already running. The solution should be as simple as possible by ensuring minimal impact on these systems.

System evolution

The relationship between you and your ERP vendor is crucial to ensure continuous understanding and flexibility of how the system works in your environment. Make sure the vendor has a team in place that can support all your processes through the manufacturing environment including customizing the solution as needs evolve. Your business is organic; so should you ERP solution be.

SYSPRO has a strong tool set to meet evolving business processes and requirements, and the system’s flexible configurability helps organizations rapidly meet business needs as situations change. Probably why Canadian manufacturer Primex went with us.

Transcend to the next level

Ultimately, we understand your business needs – it’s what we do, it’s what our solution does, and it’s where we work. So when you’re ready to optimize your organization, let us know. We’d love to help.

For more info about Syspro, you can also visit the Syspro website at Syspro

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