Aerospace Manufacturing Software

SYSPRO Aerospace ERP

Whether the skies are friendly or full of storm clouds, makers of aerospace equipment are constantly balancing the need to improve operational efficiency and engineering precision with the desire to grow and keep pace with industry changes.

Lightweight, flexible composite materials and the drive toward fuel efficiency are just a few trends affecting your business, whether you work with commercial customers or government clients like national space agencies. Have your manufacturing processes kept pace?

Discover how SYSPRO aerospace manufacturing software can help transform your operations for greater agility. With a 360-degree picture of what’s happening within your business, you can deliver products to customers faster with fewer errors, reduce production costs and waste, and better manage your business across the value chain.

Improve Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Comprehensive change control and workflow within the Engineering Change to ensure multiple levels of authorization and electronic change sign-off
  • Collaborate more easily with customers and partners over the Web
  • Improve accuracy with rules-based product configuration

Optimize Supply Chain and Materials Management

  • Enable visibility across complex supply chains and streamline supply processes
  • Control and streamline inventory with tools to improve forecasting and planning, match supply with customer demand
  • Optimize inventory levels with accurate forecasting to minimize forecast errors and improve order fulfillment performance
  • Automate interactions with customers and vendors by using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Handle returns (RMAs) and defective material issues with greater efficiency
  • Improve visibility into buying and supplier trends, with built-in business analytics reporting to facilitate Value Stream Analysis

Streamline Production

  • Keep costs down with improved capacity planning and advanced scheduling tools
  • Monitor production processes and track exceptions with notifications when a job has been assigned for rework or scrap
  • Reserve lots and/or serials for parent parts and components for correct issuance of materials for FG
  • Utilize job classifications to track all rework due to quality issues for trending and analysis
  • Manage all steps in the nonconformance process and generate corrective actions and other workflows that link right to the original nonconformance
  • Manage Work in Process: gain control over scrap, yield and rework metrics
  • Reduce lead times and delight customers with speedier delivery

Boost Customer Service and Financial Control

  • Provide 24×7 access to the business with SYSPRO Mobile technology
  • Maximize sales across your organization with visibility into opportunities, pipeline and customer information with CRM
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by effectively controlling the return and exchange of items purchased by customers with visibility and tracking of items until the transaction is concluded
  • Reduce paperwork with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to automate order processing
  • Adheres to International Accounting Standards (IAS) with comprehensive functionality to support GAAP, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and local regulations around the world
  • Support for global organizations with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities

Best-in-Class Aerospace ERP Software

In your industry, the sky is definitely NOT the limit. SYSPRO ERP Software can help you leverage automation, robotics and better data analytics to transform and take your aerospace and defense business to new heights of growth.

Whether you’re producing custom space probes or helicopters, or even the smallest aircraft bolts and screws, the efficiency of your operations can make or break profitability. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-built solutions.