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Recently, a colleague’s daughter travelling between South Africa, England and the US bought, a return train ticket for £48 but missed the departing train due to a flight delay. The result: she was charged the full price of a new ticket (£65), even though she was still going to be catching the return train – and even though the train was almost empty.

This little tale of the frustrations of modern living illustrates shortcomings in the Rail Company’s business solution. The rigid parameters and requirements of the solution do not allow the Rail Company to be flexible, and its ticket sellers are not empowered to make decisions, so the customer was dissatisfied. Imagine how often that happens.

When I heard about this, it really hit home, because at SYSPRO flexibility is part of our DNA. Because our solution is flexible, it enables our customers to be agile and to provide flexible services themselves. By enabling flexibility at every level, SYSPRO empowers everyone in the customer organization.

Our goal is for the value of SYSPRO to far exceed what you pay for it. By forming long-term relationships with our customers, we are dedicated to providing you with cost-effective, simple and effortless solutions which increase your operational effectiveness, and are customized to suit you, thereby keeping you totally in control.

Several years ago, SYSPRO went through an extensive exercise to identify and define our brand values. They haven’t changed, and will always be integral to the way we do business. Without going into too much detail, they are: Smart, Individual, Responsive, Open, Reliable and Expert.

All of this – our brand values, culture and ethos – center around one common thread: the value SYSPRO delivers to our customers. This is not only in terms of return on investment, but at every level. For example, by using SYSPRO ERP you benefit hugely from the thousands of customers around the world who have given input to the system’s development. SYSPRO 7 (as with all other new versions of our software) was not released until a significant number of customers had experienced it and given their feedback. We then act on that feedback so that when we finally release the system it is the result of a truly collaborative process with our customers.

Another way of delivering value is through our ‘buy what you need when you need it’ philosophy. This lets you add on to your core solution as and when you need to. As your organization expands and becomes more sophisticated, SYSPRO will grow with you.

As you probably know, at SYSPRO we are very proud of our customer retention rate, which is exceptionally high for any industry. For us, however, it’s not just about keeping customers – we strive to ensure our customers are happy to stay with us. Our only stakeholders are our customers, and this means we deliver on your needs. To achieve this goal, we remain flexible in our approach and in making changes to the product, so that staying with SYSPRO is simple and upgrades are as easy as possible. We believe this is why some of our customers have been with us for more than 20 years, and we understand that it’s our responsibility to be happily engaged with our customers in the long term.

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