RAK Customer Support Services

Responsive support is essential for effective functioning of customer ERP systems and for business continuity.  RAK Customer Support Services fully understands this through providing provides responsive support by our certified and experience support analysts.  Each customers’ ERP solution is unique to their business and our support ensures that each business receives the support specific to your business needs.  Our support team work closely with our technical and implementation consultants thus providing a seamless support with full knowledge of our customers’ ERP Solution.

A large number of high and mid tier Customers depend on RAK today for support. As each ERP solution is bespoke to the customers business.

As a trusted Epicor and SYSPRO partner, RAK works closely with our partners to deliver Product Maintenance, providing a complete range of first-line support services on standard products.

RAK provides a complete range of Customer Support Services for support of the complete Customer ERP system including customisations, enhancements and 3rd party products.

Over 95% of all RAK customer calls are resolved under RAK Customer Support Services.

RAK Customer Support Services comprise, in addition to Product Maintenance Support:

  • RAK Premium Support – System wide service & service level agreement
  • RAK Customisation Support – Support of customisations, upgrade assurance
  • Database Support – Management and tuning
  • Out of Hours Support – 24-hour coverage
  • Customer Success Planning  Annual ERP system development plan
  • Customer Loyalty Program – Returning value through long-term Customer partnership