Founded in June 2017, 1Ci has a mission to bring that technological expertise to the global market, expand the partner ecosystem, and facilitate digital transformation in businesses of all sizes. 1C:Enterprise application platform is deployed in 95 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and both Americas. Create business applications that connect company’s business units such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, HR or Accounting into a secure and customizable business process management system.

1C: ERP – Flexible ERP solution, empowering enterprises to meet the digital challenges of today’s business, grow faster and lead their markets. Dive deep into 1C:ERP, learn about its features, flexibility and key technologies. It’s a perfect opportunity to evaluate the benefits and potential of the system for your company and your business goals. Move away from using a bunch of individual products that don’t talk to each other to a complete ERP solution that automates the whole range of company’s processes, Stay on top of your business KPIs, estimate operational efficiency, individual departments and employee performance to achieve financial goals. Transparent business processes allow you to grow your company faster and stay competitive knowing how your company operates in the smallest detail, and Take informed decisions with critical data always at hand and available in real time.


Orchestrate your business with ultimate flexibility


Integrate production stages into one comprehensive ERP system

Seamless information flow between organization’s departments and subsidiaries.
Greater efficiency of company’s production and logistics workflows.
Get the exact information you need to make business critical decisions.


Plan and Control KPIs

Production planning based on machine load and resources available.
Real-time KPI tracking.


Automate Key Workflows

Production management for multi-stage production cycles.
Repair and maintenance management.
Stock and warehouse management.
Sales and purchases.
Customer relationship management.
Mobile workplaces and remote work via the Internet.