Sports Management System

Companies in the sports and entertainment business face exponentially increasing competition for consumer’s attention and wallets. As technology proliferates, so do the entertainment alternatives available to customers and fans. At the same time, technology offers promise in the new delivery methods for providing sports and entertainment “products” to market consumers.

Sports Management Software

With so much attention and creativity required on the revenue side, sports and entertainment companies need reliable back office systems that perform extremely well and provide an opportunity to streamline operations, keeping costs in check.

The Epicor for Hospitality and Entertainment solution is answering that call for many of the top sports teams and entertainment venues in the world. At the core of the solution are a very strong general ledger and equally capable sub-ledgers. These are complemented by additional modules that help streamline processes, including allocations, purchasing, budgeting, workflow, and document management.

Entertainment Management Software

Budgeting is an extremely important process that must be done as a collaborative activity including people on both the revenue and cost sides of the business. The budgeting capabilities in Epicor sports management software and entertainment management software not only make collaborative budgeting possible, they also make it faster and provide for ongoing monitoring of performance and updating the forecast as market conditions change.

With award-winning integrated software applications, Epicor for Hospitality and Entertainment is a powerful, flexible business system that’s just right for companies to react quickly, streamline operations and maximize return on investment. That means there is more time and money available to keep the fans happy and coming back for more.