Coal Mining

In Coal mining industry, we understand you must manage complex projects, control your processes, manage stock pile and logistic, shipping, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and respond to a new set of challenges each day. We provides the solutions and tools needed to adapt to change, meet and exceed customer expectations, and address market pressures that will distinguish your business from the competition.

Coal Mining Challenges

RajawaliAdikaryadelivers expert Mining software and solution to mining organizations looking to address the following challenges:

  • Manage complex projectsMining companies need  to manage project to preparing the infrastructure for mining activity
  • Mine planning Mining companies need to streamline the mine planning processes to ensure high-quality plans are delivered well ahead of production schedules.
  • Managing Operations & Stockpile– Mining Companies need to manage one of the coal production activity as coal getting, coal processing, coal hauling, Stockpile Management etc.
  • Allocating revenue – Mining companies need to calculate, plan and track actual production based on lease terms and joint venture agreements.
  • Managing penalties and premiums – Mining companies must calculate the effect of contract penalties and premiums to make informed decisions.
  • Managing Shipping – Mining companies need to schedule and manage Coal shipments.

The solution goes beyond traditional ERP to provide project management, mobile field service management, maintenance management, financial management, asset management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), subcontractor management, and more