A Customer-First Approach to ERP

I saw a quote the other day that reminded me of why an effective business always nurtures a customer centric culture and gains market insights by collaboratively partnering with their users where possible in the expansion and improvement cycle.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs, Apple

This statement could be interpreted as quite arrogant but it shines a light on the essence of a symbiotic and effective service relationship. Namely, anticipating by consulting with customers and channel partners, where their pain points and challenges are and developing ERP enhancements and services offerings to solve them.

So what kind of service and support do partners and customers want from their ERP solution provider?

In discussions with customers and channel partners I find the same elements are vital to give them support and comfort:

  • To have a strong relationship with their ERP provider and to know they are being heard
  • A consistently performing solution they can rely on so the product works first time as sold
  • A reliable support framework to work within so they get quicker resolution and answers. To be empowered and have access to information or resources – what is this? Why does it work this way?
  • To empower and upskill customers and partners efficiently with a consistent approach to education


Our SYSPRO 8 Community Preview

As part of our customer-centric ethos we also recently unveiled our SYSPRO 8 microsite to our channel partners and customers.

Users will be able to view what they can expect in SYSPRO’s latest version, SYSPRO 8, and through the Community Preview program be able to access and experience the latest SYSPRO ERP enhancements for themselves first hand. These include the integration of many powerful new features, including social media as a collaboration tool, bringing infinite possibilities to customer businesses.

Our message to customers and partners is by previewing the system in advance, you’ll be giving yourself the edge through having a sneak peek of all its new features and benefits and educating yourself on its innovations. You will also have the opportunity to provide useful feedback. There are many YouTube videos showing the features, as well as access to the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) from the micro-site.

There is an informational AV around the benefits of showcasing our latest product enhancements for our users which also reflects the journey we take with our customers and how we nurture these partnerships.

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