Epicor ERP 10.2 Release is Now Generally Available

Epicor ERP version 10.2 delivers significant enhancements designed to enable companies to grow, innovate, and compete in today’s ever-changing global landscape. Businesses that adopt the latest technologies in cloud, analytics, and experiences will be fit to enable their organizations to grow and support the new digital challenges of tomorrow and provide a competitive advantage for years to come. Building on the strengths of its cloud-first architecture, this release provides new capabilities that fit your business, ease of everything, enabling operational excellence and improved visibility to support your growth objectives. It incorporates many enhancements throughout the ERP platform and demonstrates our continued focus on performance and quality to improve stability and user experience.

Cloud-first Strategy

Extending our use of cloud-based applications for both cloud and on-premises customers continues with 10.2, new modules like Epicor Data Discovery, Epicor Payment Gateway, and Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization are built as cloud-first applications. For Epicor Cloud ERP operations, new tooling enhancements are introduced that are designed to ease updateability to improve your upgrade processes.

Globalization and localization

Epicor continues to focus on the changing global landscape and is ready to support global opportunities for your business. Compliance with new regulatory requirements and enhanced features focus on supporting the needs of the USA, Mexico, Peru, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Key features include completion of legal numbering and non-recoverable taxes and the addition of company time zone which reduces complexity for distributed environments. ERP 10.2 continues the roll out of enhanced tooling to make it easier and simpler to add country-specific functionality (CSF) to support regulatory compliance and reporting.


The core capabilities of Epicor ERP are enhanced with every release. User experience is a key to the success of any product and the 10.2 release delivers the very best version of Epicor ERP to date. We focused on ease of use, product quality, streamlining and enhancing processes across the solution to help increase productivity and grow your business. ERP 10.2 introduces the Epicor Active Home page which offers a new role based visual experience for users. If you want to dig deeper into business data, just hover on any data point for more details. The home page becomes a dashboard providing key performance indicators, analytics and quick access to functionality focused for each user role. Pre-defined active home pages for finance, manufacturing and supply chain are delivered with this release.

New Data Analytics for Better Insights

With this release we are introducing Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), a Business Intelligence solution intended to provide an extremely easy to use and intuitive data exploration, data visualization experience. Because of the way the human brain processes information, using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than poring over spreadsheets or reports. Data visualization is a quick, easy way to convey concepts in a universal manner – and you can experiment with different scenarios by making slight adjustments. EDD is embedded in the new Active Home page and is a major component of the overall Epicor Data Platform which encompasses a broad set of capabilities for managing, accessing, sharing, cleansing, visualizing, and extracting insights from data created by or related to Epicor created data.


Epicor continues to develop Epicor ERP to enable our rich ecosystem of partners to build industry-leading technology in support of our customers’ business needs. As these technologies evolve, development continues to make it easier to not only build and deploy these robust features but also to upgrade them. Solution Manager has been enhanced with some new features for all users as a result of these efforts.

Deep industry focus

New and enhanced capabilities will be introduced, including Epicor Payment Gateway, CRM/SFDC integration Phase II, Epicor Smart Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization, and improvements to the Mattec MES-ERP Integration.

Ease of everything

Epicor ERP 10.2 is primed to help business solve the complex challenges of your industry and position your business to grow profitably now and in the future. It contains proven solutions and processes that fit your unique business requirements. Committed to providing positive experiences for our customers, Epicor provides ease of everything—deployment, training and education, support, maintenance and upgrades—that results in greater profitability, productivity, and growth.

Ease of Learning – Epicor University

Epicor University focuses on a “blended” approach to learning for those upgrading to Epicor ERP 10.2, with a suite of tools designed to appeal to all types of learning styles and needs. Start learning with the high-level 10.2 overview, then continue with additional targeted topic-specific Training on Demand videos, in-depth Embedded Education courses, jump into an Instructor-Led Class, or download any of our comprehensive documents and release guides. Use the following as a guide to help explore all resources in Epicor Learning Center, Embedded Education, and EPICweb*.

The Epicor Learning Center (ELC) is a great addition to your company’s education toolkit. All customers, partners, and employees can access the Learning Center using their EPICweb log in credentials. From this central education hub, users can reach the available tools to assign courses and tests, and track employee progress and comprehension.

The ELC home page is a valuable resource for new content announcements and other offerings. New with this release, you will find 30+ self-paced Training On Demand videos, focusing on the essential new functionality added to the software. Epicor University also provides live virtual hands-on training on the current release of ERP. All courses are led by an Epicor University instructor in a hosted training environment. The sessions are interactive and students can participate in discussions, ask questions, and benefit from shared business case scenarios.

Software Support Lifecycle

When it comes to making an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software upgrade decision, inaction is not an option. Best-in-class organizations keep current to stay ahead of the competition. And being competitive in the future will be all about driving higher productivity through a great user experience, intuitive analytics, enhanced functionality that fits your business and new levels of digital connectivity.  We know that the latest technology and innovations in Epicor ERP will provide opportunities for you to grow your business and operate more efficiently. And we’re committed to helping you take advantage of the technology and innovation delivered through our product releases and commitments.

With that in mind, Epicor is introducing our ERP Software Support Lifecycle commitment to help you better plan for your investments and opportunities far into the future. This commitment provides you with insight into the level of support available for each release, delivering a simple, predictable, manageable and reliable roadmap to help you plan for change and opportunity. Through this policy, we are striking a balance of enabling you to embrace an accelerated pace of innovation while taking advantage of a solution that addresses your unique business needs through customization and configuration. A progressive/proactive approach to managing your Epicor ERP upgrade is the best path to gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace, but if you need the extra time to make your next move, also be assured that Epicor provides you with a peace of mind that we will always be there to support you and your business needs. To learn more about this commitment, review the Software Support Lifecycle policies and FAQ on EPICweb*.

Ease of Upgrade

The Epicor Signature Methodology is leveraged in every Epicor Professional Services engagement to implement and upgrade your ERP solution. Decades of successful software implementations and upgrades have refined the program, resulting in minimized risk, cost, and business disruption. The process of upgrading has driven the need for a specific upgrade methodology to move your ERP to the latest Epicor ERP release. The upgrade program incorporates the elements needed from the Upgrade Signature Methodology with the additional assistance your business may need—including technical consulting, customization services, reporting services, configurator services, EDI services, and onsite business consulting. Visit the Upgrade and Migration Center on EPICweb for more information and resources.

Release Availability

This release is available for current customers that are already live on or currently implementing Epicor ERP 10 and who are currently subscribed to an Epicor maintenance and support plan to download viaEPICweb*. Customers on Epicor v9, Vantage, or Vista and who are currently subscribed to an Epicor maintenance and support plan are able to use the established upgrade request process to gain access. We strongly encourage you to review the feature summary for the 10.2 release and become familiar the improvements throughout the system.

Demo Image and SE Training

The demo image is in process and updates on availability and SE training schedule will be coming soon.

Customer and Public Announcement

The customer announcement email is planned to go out on December 6th and the public press release and activation of the updated Epicor.com pages is planned for December 11th.

Get Set for Growth

We’re pleased to deliver Epicor ERP version 10.2 and we encourage you to upgrade soon to begin reaping the benefits that will enable you to achieve greater outcomes for your business.