Kick Off Project Ellipse ERP/EAM Implementation and Financial Consolidation using MAXICO Implementation (English Version)

PT Jhonlin Group (JG) is a parent company of business units dealing with mining, harbour services, air transportation, sea transportation, loading and unloading at offshores, agro business, security services, infrastructure and manufactures.

JG as a group company already applies an Ellipse ERP/EAM System to maintain an integrated synergy among its business units. As a leader in South Kalimantan, particularly in Tanah Bumbu, JG is committed to prioritize occupational safety and health (OSH) issues, develop its human resources, and improve employees’ and local inhabitants’ welfare. Most of the subsidiaries company under JG, especially in mining, harbour services, air transportation, and sea transportation industries also already using Ellipse ERP/EAM System as their backbone application of each company. By already using Ellipse system, each company has got benefits that is the use of uniform and integrated ERP application so that the monitoring operation process and cost control process can be done better and accurate from time to time.

PT Jhonlin Marine Lines (JML), a subsidiary of Jhonlin Group engaged in mining services in Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan. The company’s business activities include Stevedoring, Forwarding, and Marine Terminal Operators that support the operational activities of companies incorporated in Jhonlin Group and also serve other companies. This company is the only company under group mining in JG that has not used the Ellipse system. The implementation goals is to optimizing of the business processes, particularly in the process of Cost Control and Operation Control, as well as the effectiveness and productivity of work. This activity is also at the same time is the prerequisite to be able to do a bigger stage of activity, namely the implementation of Financial Consolidation at PT Jhonlin Group (JG). By doing this implementation, it can uniformities the Chart of Account of all subsidiaries under Jhonlin Group to make it easier to process the Jhonlin Group Consolidation Report because it already has the same Chart of Account structure.

With the seriousness of JG and JML towards the company’s vision to become the leading integrated mining services company is evidenced by Implementation of Ellipse ERP / EAM and Implementation of Financial Consolidation using MAXICO application. Especially for Ellipse, this system is also the only software that can specifically handle industry mining and intensive assets, which can improve and maximize productivity and efficiency in every area of the organization.

This project are covers 2 (two) main activities below:

  1. Ellipse Implementation at PT Jhonlin Marine Lines
  2. Financial Consolidation Imlpementation at PT Jhonlin Group

As the initial momentum of project implementation, all activities officially started on Friday, Nov 25th, 2016, with the Kick-Off meeting, located in JG Head Office, Batulicin, Kalimantan Selatan. Kick-Off was inaugurated by CEO of PT Jhonlin Group, Bapak Ghimoyo, and attended by:

  • JG CEO (Bpk Ghimoyo)
  • JG CFO (Bpk Feriyandi)
  • JG MIS Div Head (Bpk Rinto)
  • JML GM Operation, representing JML CEO (Bpk Alfred Loai)
  • JG GM Procurement
  • JML All Managers
  • JG IT Team
  • and most of the JML employees

With the commencement of this project it is expected that project team members from both parties can work in synergy and work together well in order to achieve the optimal objectives of the project optimally. Kick off meeting is an initial meeting of the project with the aim to equalize the perception among all parties related to the project implementation, regarding the procedures and technical implementation of the project. Kick off Meeting is also an opportunity to align the spirit and aspirations of a project before the project begins. In the Kick off Meeting, all matters relating to the implementation procedures such as communication procedures, licensing, safety and other administrative procedures are defined as the basis for each project implementation component such as project owners, project managers, contractors and sub-contractors to perform their respective duties and roles. Without the same basic / perception, then the implementation of the project will not run smoothly.