Performance Audit – Epicor ERP Implementation, Support Phase 2020, PT Cibaliung Sumberdaya

An audit is an “independent examination of financial information of any entity, whether profit oriented or not, irrespective of its size or legal form when such an examination is conducted with a view to express an opinion thereon.”

As a subsidiary of a state-owned company (PT Antam Tbk), an audit process has become an obligation, which is usually done annually, under third party surveillance (PT PwC Consulting).

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Due to many data that needs to be examined, it was natural that most employees at PT Cibaliung Sumberdaya will be confused, because the complicated activation between operational and data demanding activities in audit period.

As part of the annual customer support phase that has been going through a couple of years, We always strive to gave our best at supporting any aspect of the ERP System that has been implemented in PT Cibaliung Sumberdaya. And in the audit process, we usually interact with data collecting, data mapping, data comparing and data analyzing.

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One of the main issue that occasionally occur is inventories, it usually happen because of the multiple parameter that needs be actively checked, including consignment stock, constraint on requirement approval, transaction that ended off the record and so on and so forth.

We work together with responsible user and PwC personel to retrieve the requirement, either by online system or direct database, combined multiple layered data to produce the final conclusion and solution.

Kontributor: Indra Arga Muria

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