How Mobile ERP can Improve Productivity on the Factory Floor

How do I do it better? Faster? More efficiently?

wouter_mobile_erp_factory_floor.jpgToday’s competitive economic landscape has us all asking these questions on a daily basis. The quest to provide ‘leading edge’, ‘best of breed’, ‘customer-centric’ products and services often has us chasing our tails and banging our fists against boardroom tables. And, to complicate the process even further, once we’ve created the wonder product, we still have to convince our market to buy it.

While in the past manufacturers might have chosen to invest in facilities, people and equipment to compete effectively, more and more of these companies are realizing that they need to expand their investment to include enterprise software in order to manage their capacity for profitable growth.

Typically, manufacturers are more interested in spending their capital budgets on new equipment for the plant or shop floor than on hardware and/or software to run their back and front offices.

And who can blame them? Pioneering your own industry is hard enough … tackling the mystical intricacies of IT is asking way too much of a busy manufacturer.

However, once a manufacturer expands their capacity, either through capital investment in existing facilities or through expansion into new geographies or new markets, things begin to get a lot more interesting. These same manufacturers now need new tools to increase productivity and assist in better decision making.

The business case for Mobile ERP on the factory floor:

Imagine that you’re an overworked, under-resourced factory floor manager. Isn’t that difficult, is it? You are torn between keeping your finger on the pulse of the business and getting out there to see first-hand what is happening throughout your processes. Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to up-to-date knowledge of stock, job requisitions and the status of orders without having to remain shackled to your desk?

A mobile solution gives you all of this on a mobile device of your choice … Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad … no problem. Your ability to monitor the entire production cycle, from A to Z including readily accessible inventory data such as receipting stock in and out, and job requisitions on a supplier can have a profound impact on productivity.

Receiving alerts on a mobile device has rapidly become an important tool for business users. But it seems that these alerts are usually delivered via email or text messages as a result of

manual intervention. Mobile ERP takes the hassle out of this by automating the process and connecting the user directly back to ERP, the source of the data.

A mobile solution also gives you the convenience of keeping everyone in your supply chain up to date by sending alerts via a push notification.

Overall, it’s a great way to have immediate and direct access to all of your business information and processes no matter where you are or what device you are using.

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