Top 3 Reasons to Know Epicor HCM 2017

Aligning the right skills to high-value initiatives gets the job done better and faster.  In fact, a 2017 Aberdeen study found that best-in-class companies were 25% more likely to align talent selection criteria with business drivers. Epicor (HCM) human capital management system helps HR understand skills the organization needs, current talent, and gaps that must be filled.  Then it digitizes the tools and processes to align, recruit, onboard, train, plan, set goals, and measure business performance.

Top 3 Reasons to Know Epicor HCM 2017

Sustainable business growth takes more than technology, it takes a culture. That’s why Epicor HCM is dedicated to helping organizations create a culture that values and promotes growth and opportunity.  By giving business leaders the visibility to identify, challenge, and reward top performers, HR transforms from an administrative function to a strategic contributor that attracts and retains the most qualified workforce.

Now that Epicor HCM 2017 is available, here are the top three things business leaders should know:

  1. Leading an organization that values innovation requires flexibility.  Ultimately what really sets an organization apart is its people, so rather than dilute core competencies with a generic approach to HR, leverage the flexibility of Epicor HCM 2017 to power your strengths.  Configure your own HR programs, tools and processes. Choose to deploy Epicor HCM 2017 however it best fits your organization – cloud or on premises. Integrate with the payroll and benefit vendors of your choice. Unleash the ingenuity of your people with a uniquely feature-rich solution that comprehensively manages a global workforce from recruitment to retirement.
  2.  Meaningful experiences generate better results.  Employee expectations are on the rise, so Epicor HCM 2017 introduces a totally reimagined user interface that takes inspiration from consumer software to improve employee engagement.  It also now offers an innovative mobile portal for Candidate Connect. A pleasant user experience leads to more productivity and higher performance.
  3. Cost-reduction remains a top priority for HR, and Epicor can help.  Epicor HCM 2017 helps increase the ROI of HR with new cost-saving enhancements. For example, customers can lower the cost of government compliance by leveraging updates that address changing reporting needs, like new W-2 and I9 requirements in the U.S. and Employment Contracts and Gender Pay Gap reports in the UK.  Customers can also simplify administrative absence plans with a new “Absence Plan Wizard”.  This is a highly intuitive step-by-step guide makes it easier than ever to create new absence plans, which improves user adoption and reduces implementation costs.

Whether deployed standalone or integrated with Epicor ERP 10, Epicor HCM offers comprehensive support for core HR management, benefits administration, employee and manager self-service, workforce planning, talent acquisition, onboarding, performance appraisals, compensation management, career development, time and attendance, absence management, succession planning, learning management, workforce analytics, and more.

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