Epicor Mattec Training for Southeast Asia Partners on enabling Industry 4.0 Initiatives

Epicor Mattec solution is part of industry 4.0 and is currently a sought-after solution for most manufacturing companies who are looking at further enhancing, automating and improving efficiencies. The Epicor Mattec solution is a fully integrated solution to the Epicor E10 ERP solution providing a full end to end integration; however, it can also stand alone on its own providing production scheduling, preventive maintenance, OEE etc., also enabling us to also target prospects who already have an existing or legacy solution in place. Epicor Mattec Training for Southeast Asia partners on machine integration and utilizing digital data to further improve machine utilizations and optimize smart manufacturing enabling Industry 4.0 initiatives.

On the last 5th to 9th of March 2018, PT Rajawali Adikarya was attend and participate in the Epicor Mattec Training with the main objectives is to become the 1st Indonesia’s Epicor Partner who have strength and focus on implementing Epicor Mattec in the very potential and huge market in Indonesia. The participant of the training are the Epicor partners from the Southeast Asia (SEA) Region which have and want to focus and penetrate in the Operation Technology and Machine Execution System. This training is conduct by Epicor SEA with the trainer is the Certified MATTEC partner from Australia who has been working with the solution since 1989 and has completed more than 50 installations in Australia and New Zealand.



The training is divided into two main session as describes below:

  1. Mattec Sales Training (3 days):
  • Venue– Epicor Software (Thailand) Office, ZEN WORLD Building @ Central world complex, Level 12, Rajdamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
  • Dates– 5th March to 7th March (9am to 5pm)
  • Objectives: To further understand the opportunities available within this industry and to be able to further understand on how to target potential customers, how to sell within the targeted industries and how to manage the implementations.
  • Agenda:  For the Sales training the agenda will include the following:
  1. Discovering Mattec Opportunities
  2. Target Industries
  3. Understanding Mattec requirements (Mattec Questionnaire)
  4. Calculating Mattec ROI and case studies
  5. How to present the MATTEC Presentation
  6. Hardware Requirements
  7. Implementation Cost & Requirements


  1. Mattec Installation and Configuration (2 days) –
  • Venue– Thai-German Institute, Khlong Tamru, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri 20000, Thailand
  • Dates – 8thMarch to 9th March
  • Objectives: To be able to see the Mattec installed solution working at the Thai German Institute in order to be better able understand, describe and further sell the solution.
  • Agenda:  For the Installation and Configuration the agenda will include the following:
  1. Epicor collaboration with the Thai German Institute on Industrial Internet of Things
  2. Virtual simulation of modern manufacturing
  3. Completed the industry 4.0 showcase setup at Thai-German Institute, connecting to 1 machine and 1 OPC simulator within less than 2 days.

About Epicor Mattec MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Improve quality, reduce scrap, and boost product throughout with MES software from Epicor. A manufacturing execution systemhelps you improve capacity to make more parts or cut costs ― to improve profitability. The Epicor MES automatically monitors machines and analyzes production and performance data 24×7. We give everyone in the plant and throughout the business an opportunity to take action to improve manufacturing performance.

The Epicor manufacturing execution system collects data directly from equipment and operators on the shop floor in real time, eliminating inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection. With information in your hands immediately, you become proactive, anticipating and solving production problems before they happen. Real-time insight helps you pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality and customer service.


MES―So Much More Than OEE

Epicor Mattec MES collects production data automatically―no more manual data collection to worry about. Operators use touch-screen technology to add depth and dimension to the automatic production data so you get a clear picture of the what, why and when of downtime, cycle time, quality, and scrap.

Mattec MES has real-time alerts, notifications and other communications, so people have information when it matters the most―immediately. That way, they can take action to correct a problem or improve performance on the spot. From last-minute production schedule changes, to daily operations meetings, to management dashboards and reports, this manufacturing execution system is easy to use and ideal for one-click insight and reporting. Most importantly, it’s system agnostic so you can link it with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and connect your top floor to your shop floor.

Epicor Mattec MES Software

  • Automated production monitoring for downtime and runtime, every cycle and every machine, 24×7
  • Automated monitoring for process parameters
  • Consistent, automated, OEE and other efficiency metrics
  • Visual drag-and-drop, real-time scheduling and planning for machines and tools
  • Manage machine loading and minimize downtime
  • Cost reporting for scrap and machine downtime
  • Evaluate schedule conformance
  • Automatic part qualification/rejection
  • Part and machine process data for traceability purposes
  • Statistical quality control (SQC) and statistical process control (SPC)
  • Machine and tool preventive maintenance (PM)