Indonesian automotive dealer group gets clearer data visibility with new ERP

PT Tunas Ridean Tbk, an Indonesian automotive distributor and dealer, is now using Epicor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve its data processing capability and gain better visibility to its operations.

PT Tunas Ridean Tbk is the holding company for all the subsidiaries of the Tunas Group. Previously, each subsidiary uses old business systems that operated independently for accounting and other management functions. This resulted in difficulties in collecting, inputting, and sharing data across the organisation.

“The struggle to access data and rapidly produce actionable reports reflected the management team’s lack of visibility into the organisation,” described Ester Tanudjaja, General Manager of accounting, in a press release.

With the new ERP system, Tunas now has an interface for all frontline systems. It enables the company to automatically transfer the data from frontline systems into the Epicor ERP on a daily basis.

Besides that, Tunas has also implemented the financial modules in the ERP, allowing users to enter transactions directly into the system thus helping them ensure the accuracy of data. As a result, Tunas said it has shortened its account closing process time by two and a half working days because of the reduced time spent on checking and correcting errors of replicated data.

“Implementing Epicor ERP has helped improve our data accuracy and the flow of information across different departments. Tunas’ senior management team can now focus on business growth without worrying about how the IT systems can support it,” said Eko Putranto, General Manager of information technology.