Go Live in PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Customization & Development of Epicor Accounting Report for Rig Tasha

RAK – Functional Consultant


PT Rajawali Adikarya (RAK) is running a project in PT Apexindo Pratama Duta, tbk (Apexindo) since June 2017.  Apexindo has a needed to produce several accounting reports that show data or transactions only from its newly-built jack up rig, Tasha.

The approach solution is to create form and database customizations. RAK’s team have customized a few forms that produce journal, such as Invoice Entry (AR & AP), Payment Entry, Cash Receipt Entry, and also Journal Entry. Therefore, user will can define the Plant for every transaction inputted in those forms.

RAK’s team also have customized several reports, so user can review transactions and financial statement only related to Rig Tasha.

Finally, since August 2017, this project has been Go Live. Apexindo’s user now use the customized forms in their day to day activities. Now they can define the related rig for every transaction by using additional field in each form. They also can review transaction for every rig, such as bank transactions, AP aging, AR aging, manual journal, and asset transactions. They now can produce financial statement that only related to Rig Tasha, such as Trial Balance Report and General Ledger Report.