Epicor® is ready to help organisations take advantage of the changing economic tide with its latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite. Guided by the need of today’s users, Epicor ERP is a global ERP solution that delivers the choice, flexibility and agility to drive growth and opportunity throughout your business.

A single, end-to-end software solution for business, Epicor ERP is available on premise, hosted, or in the cloud as a software as a service (SaaS) solution – Epicor ERP is built on 100% Microsoft technology for greater access and mobile workers.

Epicor ERP software offers a modular approach with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise—all top priorities toward achieving continued growth and profitability.

EPICOR Framework


As the organization continues to grow, it need a business architecture that allows users to take advantage of modern technology developments.

Epicor ICE (Internet Component Environment), the underlying technology framework for Epicor, merges the flexibility of a true service-oriented  architecture (Epicor True SOA™ ) with Web 2.0 concepts to not only meet  business requirements today, but offer the flexibility to adapt to  future opportunities.


Enabling continuous performance improvement within business means empowering employees to be more productive. Epicor True SOA™ features the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework, a unique technology that allows to extend the current applications to Microsoft® Windows®, Web browsers and mobile devices. By extending Epicor to familiar and convenient productivity tools and leveraging Web 2.0 concepts, such as enterprise search, presence, and real-time communication, ICE enhances the user experience and productivity.



Tailor-made for the unique needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, and services, Epicor business software can be customized for a comprehensive range of industries and vertical markets. Epicor’s unique “business layers” approach is what allows us to provide next-generation business software solutions to support small start-up firms to large multinationals, in addition to tailoring software to meet the complex needs of industries from metal fabricators to automotive distributors to cross-channel retailers to business service firms. We know that one solution does not meet everyone’s needs. Epicor’s end-to-end, industry-specific business software solutions recognize the need to leverage geographic diversity on both the revenue and costs sides of business, so you can outpace your competitors with more effective and efficient operations and world-class customer service.

Epicor software is designed for the specific needs of several key industries: manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, mining, oil & gas, cement, EPC and services. Epicor provide the comprehensive, industry-leading solutions and expertise the company needs to become more competitive and grow operational efficiency. Epicor is a strong, stable partner you can depend on both now and in the future. We have nearly 40 years of experience in delivering innovative, award-winning solutions to our customers.

Upgrade Solutions—A Smooth, Measured Step Up

At Epicor, our objective is to ensure customers are able to move to the next-generation of Epicor solutions easily, in an informed manner, and most importantly, when and how it makes sense for them. As you begin to consider upgrading hardware, software, and/or technology, Epicor experts are available to assist you. Customers can choose a full upgrade package, ad-hoc services and technical consulting, or early-stage project planning assistance for those who choose to upgrade on their own. From readiness coordination through go-live support , our expert consultants are ready to help you make the leap forward.

Full Solutions Listing

Epicor provides a full solution portfolio of ERP software and business software solutions that offer the scalability and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges and opportunities, while empowering your organization for even greater success tomorrow.

Each of our business software solutions are designed to enable you to concentrate on the core aspects of your business while leaving mission-critical technology tasks to us.

Business Management Software

Epicor ERP and software solutions are designed with cost in mind, while still being powerful, flexible, and scalable. We are dedicated to providing best-in-class integrated retail software and ERP software with the scalability and flexibility to support growth over time. Our solutions are designed to grow with you, allowing customers who started out as a small business to keep using Epicor ERP and software solutions as they’ve grown into billion-dollar multinational corporations.