Company at Glance

About Rajawali Adikarya (RAK)

PT Rajawali Adikarya (RAK) is an IT Consulting and Services company with the aim to focus on several key industries: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Hospitality, Engineering Procurement Construction, Professional Services, Cement, Mining, and Oil & Gas. As a partnerof the 2 (two) best ERP software in their respective fields, that is Epicor, which will collaborate the benefits in terms ofinvestment, technology, and quality, we add them with our excellence in Project Management, Methodology, and Business Knowledge. Withall the advantages that we have, people also known us as an System Integrator, which provide full package set of solution, including Software Package (ERP), Infrastructure, Implementation Services, Supporting Application, Software Development, and Business Intelligence.

RAK is a subsidiary of PT EMS Paramitra (EMS), which is an IT Consulting and Services company that has existed for more than 15 years. As an inseparable part of EMS, RAK already have experience of ERP implementation in a wide range of large corporations in Indonesia, such as Mining (Owner & Services), Utility & Power Generation, Engineering Procurement Construction, and Oil & Gas.

RAK Excellence

RAK offers a broad strategic services with professional and very experienced resources and has a deep understanding of the best practices of most major business and its regulation in Indonesia. RAK gives you the tools to better manage and calibrate your business; tools that provide a real competitive edge.

RAK understands that your ultimate business objective is to enhance your organization’s bottom line and to produce more value. We build solutions that deliver on these goals and strengthen your capacity to compete; a fusion of corporate and technological strategies.

We always deliver low-risk and quality solutions based combination on customer requirements and our deep understanding. Our approach is fixed price so all of the risks will be absorb by our side. Above of all, we will do the best for what become our responsibility and obligation. In this way, we build long term, high trust relationships with our clients. We perceive our clients – as partners and friends for the long term.

Other Value–Added Services

Corporations in every industry are collectively investing heavily every year behind a mix of complex technologies  designed to improve their business performance. These investments are shifting towards capabilities that can make their companies more responsive to the growing volatility in their business environment. RAK can help our clients enhance and accelerate their economic returns from these critical investments – in the face of volatility. RAK work together with our Customers to implement real business change and achieve tangible results, sharing the risks and transferring skills and knowledge to the Customer organization. Our range of services includes:

  1. Training for ERP & all relevant product
  2. IT Planning / Blue Print
  3. IT Diagnostic Assessment
  4. Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  5. Standard Operating Procedure Development (SOP)
  6. Software Selection
  7. Maintenance & Support