Epicor Mattec MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Epicor Mattec MES

Production Control Software

Answer your toughest manufacturing questions with Mattec MES production control software. Gain access to real-time manufacturing information, improve plant productivity and eliminate machine downtime, increase productivity, unlock capacity, and reduce inventory and labor costs with production MES from Epicor.

EpicorMattec MES, production control software, provides instant monitoring and control for your production and process manufacturing. The production MES system improves productivity by providing accurate 24/7 manufacturing information of all your plant operations. Gain a competitive edge for your continuous improvement initiatives with production control software.

Mattec MES helps you reduce scrap, waste and machine downtime, improve cycle times, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), plant productivity and automatic part qualification, and schedule production effectively. Production MES helps you become proactive in your manufacturing operations and helps anticipate and solve manufacturing problems before they occur. Helping you identify resource inefficiencies, Mattec MES lets you do more with your existing resources and find new capacity.

  • Improve quality, reduce scrap, and boost product throughout withMES software from Epicor. A manufacturing execution system helps you improve capacity to make more parts or cut costs – to improve profitability. The Epicor MES automatically monitors machines and analyzes production and performance data 24×7. We give everyone in the plant and throughout the business an opportunity to take action to improve manufacturing performance.

The Epicor manufacturing execution system collects data directly from equipment and operators on the shop floor in real time, eliminating inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection. With information in your hands “right now” you become proactive, so you anticipate and solve production problems before they happen. Real-time insight helps you pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality and customer service.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Software—So Much More Than OEE

Yes, we do OEE… but it’s so much more than that. Epicor Mattec MES collects production data automatically—no more manual data collection to worry about. Operators use touch-screen technology to add depth and dimension to the automatic production data so you get a clear picture of the what, why and when of downtime, cycle time, quality, and scrap.

Mattec MES has real-time alerts, notifications and other communications, so people have information when it matters the most—immediately. That way, they can take action to correct a problem or improve performance on-the-spot. From on-the-fly production schedule changes, to daily operations meetings, to management dashboards and reports, this manufacturing execution system is easy-to-use and ideal for one-click drill down insight and reporting. Most importantly, it’s system agnostic so you can link it with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to connect your top floor to your shop floor.

MES Software

o    Automated production monitoring for downtime and runtime, every cycle and every machine, 24×7

o    Automated monitoring for process parameters

o    Consistent, automated, OEE and other efficiency metrics

o    Visual drag-and-drop, real-time scheduling and planning for machines and tools

o    Manage machine loading and minimize downtime

o    Cost reporting for scrap and machine downtime

o    Evaluate schedule conformance

o    Automatic part qualification/rejection

o    Part and machine process data for traceability purposes

o    Statistical quality control (SQC) and statistical process control (SPC)

o    Machine and tool preventive maintenance (PM)

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Manufacturing Execution System Built for Your Industry

o    Eliminate manual data collection with real-time, automatic data directly from machines and operators

o    Boost efficiency with clear manufacturing facts and real-time information

o    Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), cycle time, plant productivity, scheduling, and machine downtime

o    Pinpoint critical issues to reduce waste and improve quality and customer service

o    Maximize machine loading, minimize downtime

o    Pinpoint energy savings opportunities, reduce energy consumption and total power demand

o    Examine tradeoffs between using existing equipment and capital investments

o    Role-based displays and dashboards for operations, plant, and management

o    Over 1,000 analysis choices available out-of-the-box

o    One-click drill-down visual root-cause analysis

o    Support continuous improvement initiatives and programs

Production Monitoring Solution

  • Production monitoring—Epicor production monitoring software allows enables you to collect and analyze data across multiple plants, production lines and asset types, thus increasing productivity, unlocking capacity, and reducing inventory and labor costs.
  • Process control for analog and digital signals
  • Dynamic job scheduling
  • SPC/SQC analysis
  • Scrap and downtime reporting
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Operator tracking
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Open communications and machine interfaces

Production Monitoring System

  • Web-Based Insight:Production monitoring from your intranet or the internet.
  • Visual Clarity:Color code R&D, test and other non-production tasks to distinguish from production runs and ensure time is reserved in the schedule.
  • Production Detail and Descriptive Information:Users can now quickly see details with as many as four labels for each job in the Scheduler.
  • Machine Odometer:Maintenance and reliability teams can more accurately plan preventative maintenance activities with easy-to-access machine condition reports.
  • Quickly Monitor up to 100,000 Cycles:The redesigned cycle history chart can be run within seconds.
  • Great Printing Flexibility:Users can now add two printers per machine with Ultra Label Gold, or use the on-demand printing module and Zebra for more options with bar-coded label printing.
  • Information and Machine Alarms:Machine and plant performance instantly, cycle times, machine tool preventative maintenance information, instant alerts, and alarms.
  • Statistical Process Control:Comprehensive SPC program that provides analysis of part weights and dimensions as well as critical machine process parameters.

Scheduling: The OPC Connector is the new standard for secure, reliable, and vendor-neutral transport of raw data and pre-processed information from your shop floor to your production planning, ERP, MIS, or other software system