Distribution Management

SYSPRO Distribution Management provides the technology to manage a supply chain from end to end. Our highly developed distribution solutions enable maximum control and flexibility over operations and inventory and are ideally suited to single and multi-sitedomestic and international operations, where operational efficiency is fundamental to success.

As SYSPRO is a real time system, all information regarding purchase and sales orders, credit limits and inventory status, is always up to date.

Key benefits within SYSPRO Distribution:

  • Allows tracking of items from the source to their current location and to identify all cost elements associated with the movement of goods.
  • Facilitates sales analysis for market planning, demand analysis for replenishment planning and cost/revenue analysis for profitability decision purposes pertaining to contracts, quotes and channel product mix.
  • Provides the ability to trace items back to the source, track them from the source to their current location and identify all cost elements associated with the movement of the goods.
  • Furthers contract management, cross reference labeling, returned merchandise authorization and tracking by serial or lot number. Additionally, real time, seamless integration to customer relationship management (US availability) provides the benefits of partner relationship management and sales force automation.
  • Is characterized by order fulfilment flexibility featuring unparalleled resources for single and multi-site operations, single and multi-warehouse/multi-bin sourcing and costing, global shipping, accurate landed costs for importers, purchase order options, quoting and estimating, serial and/or lot number tracking and counter sales for make-to-stock retail.
  • Offers an automated shipping system that facilitates the cost and timesaving ability to consolidate orders on one invoice or multiple deliveries on one order or across multiple orders.

Internet Buy and Sell Side Solution

SYSPRO’s comprehensive distribution capabilities are further enhanced through Internet buy and sell side solutions. SYSPRO e.net Solutions provides customers with access to information, order visibility, on-line self-services and greater communications – all integral to the critical concept of value-added fulfilment. At the same time, it enables SYSPRO software users to take advantage of Internet transmissions of purchase orders, production schedules and electronic procurement using supplier catalogs.

SYSPRO Distribution integrates seamlessly with SYSPRO Financials and Manufacturing.