Rajawali Adikarya (RAK) believes that every people has a great potential and can be developed to play an important role in company growth strategy. Referring to Rajawali Adikarya (RAK) strategic framework “Winning Concept, Winning System & Winning Team”, RAK try to improve the quality of employee, so they can give their best contribution, and develop themselves to the maximum level. Training and development programs designed to improve hard skill & soft skill of every employee, based on competency needed. The management of RAK Group also involved in providing guidance and assistance in development programs, as their commitment to people development.
To prepare RAK future leaders, RAK Management Development Program (MDP) designed RAK Leadership Development Program. RAK Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive training program, as RAK corporate culture internalization. The purpose of this program is to create RAK leaders from within company (groom from within) with the balance of knowledge, experience, competence and RAK character based on Catur Dharma.
RAK Management Development Program (MDP) play the important role in preparing RAK future leaders.
Position Available(s):
  1. Senior Programmer / Full-Time.

    The senior programmer is responsible for contributing to the successful Product Development and implementations of this product for client projects as assigned. This is performed through the practical application of Maxico/Maxibu software technical product knowledge and Microsoft Based knowledge.

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