Leadership Team

Didi Hardian

Didi Hardian, President Commissioner, has extensive exposure in Strategic Management and more than 20 years. He has remarkable ability in the Solution Architect and Solution Development for numerous of industry, including the exceptional requirement. Didi has a lot of expertise is in triumph dealing with large and complex both local and global company. In EMS Paramitra, he also served as a Director and Vice President of Solution Architect.

Tjahjo Dirgantoro

Tjahjo Dirgantoro, CEO & Solution Architect Director, has more than 10 years of experience in various areas of ERP projects and knowledge. He has extensive exposure on Marketing & Sales, and Customer Service. His industry background was ranging from Engineering Procurement & Construction, Mining, Power Plants, Project Based Organization, and Marine & Shipping. He has very strong in the Project Management field, including mastering various proven Methodology, Quality Assurance, and Project Management Professional. Tjahjo has very strong and in-depth integration knowledge in vary of industry and has strong and deep knowledge in handled and managed such strategic activities, includes Business Solution Design, Change Management, Data & Procedure Development, and Business Process Realignment.