Our People

RAK already have experiences in IT Consulting and Services industry in a wide range of major companies in Indonesia over 10 years, even some senior ranks RAK has been in the same world for more than 20 years. Furthermore, in the past few years we has sent our consultants in the implementation of ERP and other IT Services abroad.

In every IT Consulting and Services activities, RAK always deployed delivery team which consisting of resources that have been experienced in the field. Resources is a translation of the integrative project organizational structure, which in practice is a collaboration between consultants with the Customer side. However, because the Information Management application is an integrated activity then the it’s requires a solid partnership between the implementor with the Customer.

RAK is dedicated to finding and retaining people who can make a difference to our clients and our company. People are our key assets. We are a group with diverse experience and background, high professional standards, and creative thinking. We worked hard to build a group of people who respect one another’s ideas and integrity, and who value one another as colleagues and partner. In addition, to maximize our human resource potential, we are designing programs for professional development and building a personnel infrastructure to facilitate growth and change.

In any industry the people behind the company are as important as the company itself and this especially true for RAK Team.

Our highly qualified and experienced RAK Team has extensive of years experiences within the asset intensive, service, project based, distribution solutions sectors, and manufacturing.

There is no limit to what the RAK Team can achieve – we have the people, solutions and ambition to succeed for ourselves and our customers.

Under our Sales, Marketing, Implementation Consultants, Technical Consultants, Customer Management and Support Teams your business ERP project is in safe hands with RAK Solutions.

Our Key Players