SYSPRO Point of Sale

SYSPRO Point of Sale offers a wide variety of features encompassing all your in-store requirements, enabling you to deliver a superior experience to your store personnel and customers.SYSPRO Point of Sale is a scalable web-deployed solution which has been specifically designed to handle the customer-facing, “front-end” of your business. It has a flexible n-tier architecture enabling a high degree of extensibility and interoperability. With ‘Always-On’ design, you can still deliver real-time operations when and where they matter most, because your store will continue to deliver critical customer facing functionality, even if the connection to the central databaseis lost.

SYSPRO Point of Sale has been engineered with robust and easily-managed security options and features specific to a point-of-sale environment, which ensures your processes,checkpoints and supervisor overrides are in place at the cash collection heart of your business.

The Benefits of SYSPRO Point of Sale

  • Complete on-line and off-line trading functionality which means that should your network or server go down, your critical sales functions will continue to work without any interruptions
  • Access from anywhere so there is no need to be at the till to access reporting or management functions
  • Reduced network traffic due to an optimized web-based interface
  • State-of-the-art, touch screen-ready interface
  • Ease of deployment and hassle-free
  • maintenance
  • Robust and easy to manage security options